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Pat Riley

Loved the '' Bowlesmobile'' picture,, George Bowles from Moline---and I think he is still around... We have a world class drag strip here in Colorado, but Cordova still ranks number one ....Lots of history and memories.

John Edwin Mason

Thanks very much for your comments, Pat.

It's great to be able to put a name to the Bowlesmobile photo. I hope that George is still around, too. Maybe he'll see the photo.

Alan Booton

Life did run a story with photos taken at Cordova.
I had the issue last year and gave it to Ed Breugge
who's Possum Chaser was pictured.
Al Booton


My husband thinks Cordova originally had a different name????? Any ideas?


Hi, Brooks.

I wish I could answer your question. Maybe someone else will chime in.


I believe it opened as Quad City Dragway. Bob Bartel and a couple others built the track. My father raced there in the 50's, he started working there in the late 50's until the mid 70's. So I basicly grow up there. I think my mother still has tons of pictures from that era, someday I get them scanned and posted.

Mark Griebel

I believe George passed away a few years back. He was a great man.

Mark Griebel

George Bowles passed away a few years ago. He is missed.

kyle milefchik

He is right It was quad cities drag way. I live about 10 miles gran it now

Bob Phelps

It did open as Quad City Dragway. Bob Bartel's partner was Keith Cordell(a Moline City Policeman)and Ken Roberts. I raced their in 56 - 58. I worked there in the 60's as Security during the World Series of Drags. I would take a week off from the Sheriff's Department and stay at the track. I hope Brett (above) scanned and post the photos his mother has. Still the best drag strip around.

George M Bowles

my father passed away back in 2007 at age 73 in Missouri where he retired to. Thanks so much for showing a pic of the Bowlesmobile and him driving it, it is quite a great photo! in addition to being a racer and mechanic, he later became a tournament fisherman along the Mississippi and lakes in Missouri, as well as a prolific wildlife artist. he is missed.


George, thanks very much for your comment. It makes me happy to know that you stumbled across the photo of your father and the Bowlesmobile.

In fact, I need to thank everyone who has commented on this post over the years. I've learned a lot from everyone.

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