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Fields Jackson, Jr.

John, very good article. Thanks for sharing - I will pass this along. Please note there were others in the sport - Reggie White, Joe Washington & Julius Erving, Joyner Kersee, Brad Daugherty, Max Siegel, Randy Moss, Harry Davis and Sam Belnavis to name a few. It would be interesting to know if the Miller's tried to added any value to those efforts? I don't believe the Miller's stood alone attempting to increase the diversity of the sport, ownership and drivers. The case should be made for all those who attempted both white, black, female, latino, etc... and what can be done to move this discussion forward. The Millers did indeed make a mark on the sport - they and others now provide a road map and guide to try different approaches, seek out new ideas, new sponsors or simply try again. Altering history to appear to be the only ones that attempted to change the diversity landscape of NASCAR, does not help the many others who will come behind and climb on the shoulders of those who stood before them. I applaud the Millers for their courage in attempting a very difficult and expensive journey, but they were not alone.

John Edwin Mason

@ Fields

Thanks very much for your comments and especially for the information about other African Americans who have recently been involved with Nascar. You're right that the Millers weren't the only ones trying to increase black participation.

black authors

African Americans in sports are one in a million. Pure talent and all!

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