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The Anti EPA car had a full 2 laps on the field when it came in for it's first pit stop.

A broken oil pickup tube did the car in after 40 minutes of running with NO OIL PRESSURE near the end of day 1.

An overnight engine swap got them back into the race.

The car wasn't slow, it broke.


Thanks for the article and the pic of our Red 190E showing how we spent most of the race- under the car swapping our fuel pumps. A total of 5 pumps seized in 2 days, that has got to be some sort of record!


Yeah, the Cougar is usually disturbingly fast. It's a very well sorted-out collection of junkyard parts.

They had the blown up engine out there on display, with a plate of chewed-up oil pump pickup and piston skirt fragments.

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