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Great pictures, John! This reminds me of the Summer of '77 when I visited you and Guido in Cincinnati. All three of us had bugs and we lined them up next to one another in the parking lot and took a picture. I'll dig it out of my old trunk and will scan & email.


Thanks very much, Cameron. Glad you liked the pics.

Hope you can find those pictures from 1977. I have fond memories of my bright yellow '72 Super Beetle. And one not-so-fond memory, having to do with a seized engine on I-70 in the middle of Illinois...


Im no car-guy but loved this post, and your images.
Great stuff


Thanks for the comment, Matt. Means a lot to me.

BTW, it's never too late to become a car guy. And the UK is full of VW collectors!


Nice pics John ! I love car racing, cute cars and motors and those lovely girls too.

Carson Wininger

Looking at Bill Wright's VW Type 2 is like looking at Fillmore from the movie "Cars." Bug Out 69 is the personification of that movie. I remember Fillmore's catchphrase in that movie, and I quote: "Respect the classics, man! It's Hendrix!" I respect classic cars, and I love the set-up of this event. Wish that for the following years, it'll showcase more vintage Volks and other car models too!

Leisa Dreps

These vintage cars definitely give the phrase “Bug out” a whole new meaning! All of these Volks look great! And it is good that are still some car enthusiasts who managed to save and maintain these iconic road machines. It surely is an honor to have one of these in your garage.

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