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19 May 2009


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Hi John,
I'd like to swear right now due to all this BS due to my antiquated computer and how long it's taken me to get this message to you. I even went through TypePad, but I don't really want to be a member.
You're an incredible photographer.
Anyhow, I miss Dan. I haven't seen him for a long time. We were friends with that sweetie and Begona in Cinci. We played cards, like Euchre. Begona and I won. We drank lots of wine in small non-stemmed glasses. Dan had the best laugh. He was an honored teacher, a gifted writer and friend. What has happened? I heard the news but no specifics. I have an old email of Begona's. I can't reach Dan's parents, if they are even alive. Please let me know what happened, or anything you know. There are many friends of Dan's who don't know he died, I am so heartbroken. I remember sweet Martin, I can't imagine and I so want to talk with Begona. Please help.
Sali McSherry

do you have pictures from bristol 6and 7th june thanks

A great series of images here. Particulary like the night time images. Well done.

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