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23 June 2009


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John Mason's posts on the LOOK3 festival should echo
through all communities; and tribes.
His flaneries through the festival over the last three years
have framed his criticisms; they are measured ; balanced
and fair.
Professor Mason sees that for all the LOOK3 festival has achieved;
it has failed to cast a critical eye outward in matters of photography.
Sadly the festival seems to fail to understand the matter of color; culture;
and community that is the larger issue.
Nick Nichols on the eve of the recent festival; was quoted in the local
newspaper saying....
".........this is the perfect town ; and the perfect cultural setting for this
kind of event..."
W.E.B. DuBois in an often quoted line said this....
".......for the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the
color line.."

One would hope the festival would build on its success; and
address the shortcomings that John Mason and others have pointed out.

Thanks for this article. I am following this with interest. I never experienced discrimination as such in London, but yes there is a huge lack of representation from coloured/ethnic minority photographers. I'm not sure why. We don't really know their points-of-view.

Naturally it makes me constantly question the points-of-view presented in the media here. I do believe that it affects our reporting on Central Asia, the Afghan war etc.

I didn't realise how much we were disliked until I gave a media training in Uzbekistan. At first I was shocked to learn that they ban respected media such as the BBC - who did pretty accurate reports on the country. But it also make me realise that here in the West we have a "prescribed" way in presenting "the others."

I'm proud to be a part of the most liberal press in the world. But I am also careful of what I read these days. And try to listen to the other side of the argument bit more.

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