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19 July 2009


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You've gotta LOVE Bunny!!! Her story is incredible and I know that if it weren't for women like her and Shirley Muldowney, I would have NEVER been able to race!
Her story is one that should DEFINITELY be told, far and wide. A lot of people have NO idea what it was like to be a woman racing in the early years of NHRA. Yeah, there was "Heart Like a Wheel", but honestly, I think that the story of Bunny Burkett will hit home with alot more appeal.
I have a LOT of respect for Bunny. I've met and spoken to her at at least a dozen races, mostly at Moroso and Bradenton. She is a class act with a class operation. I hope to see this story come to film sooner than later!


"She is a class act with a class operation."

That's Bunny. You've got her exactly right. Thanks very much for your comments.


Bunny and Dolly both grew up poor but proud in the mountains of Appalachia. Being smart, tough, hard-working, and ambitious, they both accomplished great things. And they share good looks, big hair, and, umm, certain other substantial assets.We should help to poor peoples.

I met Bunny's daughter Julie in Pittsboro, NC tonight. It has been fun looking her up on the Internet and seeing all these great stories and photos.


Hi, Lucky. Yes, Bunny has led an amazing life. And she's a wonderful person, as well.

Very glad that you liked what I had to say about her.

Here's a video I shot at VMP a while back....


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