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09 December 2009


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OK, I'll bite -- just how overpowered IS this beast?? :-) Bet it's loads of fun to watch, anyhow....

"just how overpowered IS this beast??"

I can't answer that question, but I can tell you that (1) the motor is a Chevy big block (yes, in a Ford), (2) it sounds amazing, and (3) it's quick. Very quick.

Its a 467 Big block, I helped build tthis car and also it's twin The #1 NuStyle Dick Armstrong-Hop Harrington modified

This was the Geoff Bodine superspeedway modified wasn't it?

Jim Kilts
Atlanta, GA

Hi, Jim.

I don't actually know if this was Bodine's car. I'll try to contact Dodo to find out.

It was the twin, ray Hendrick drove the 01 and Geoff drove the 1

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