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18 August 2010


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Mac McKenzie occupies a seat in the front row of groundbreakers & precious musical thinkers in Cape Town & South Africa. His new work Goema Symphony No.1 is another significant step he is taking in enriching the language of an epoch of music from the port city of Cape Town. He is one of the great guardians and visionaries of the goema style, which emerged from a joyous mixed masala of sounds with its roots in Carnival music that goes back well over a century. The scope of this work may yet make it a revolutionary chapter in the evolution of the form.

With his musical vision and creativity McKenzie is inventing the future of folk music from the Cape. Much of this has evolved for the last few years out of Mac's modest, yet AMAZING Composers' Workshop in the backyard of his Cape Flats home. His eyes see beyond the horizon and he is worthy of great respect.

Is ja!

Paul Sedres

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