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15 September 2010


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A) I long ago learned to separate the art from the artist.

B) In East Germany spouses and siblings informed on each other.

C) Guilty as he may be, there's no doubt whatsoever of the multitude of FBI slur and smear campaigns.

Your reference to the South African example is dead on. To that I would add a fictional reference - John Le Carre's novels where the protagonists are exactly the kinds of men caught up in a moral and ethical morass that enables some betrayal of a movement that one deeply believes in. A few years ago, a South African who had been a senior player in the intelligence arm of a revolutionary movement referred me to Le Carre's books as some of the most insightful depictions of the murky parallel universe of intelligence work where an impenetrable compartmentalization makes it possible to be fully several opposing/contradictory things at the same time.

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