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02 January 2012


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I was aware of that couple and their struggle, but was not aware of the (drag) racing scenario. I know what you mean when you discover these little known pockets where reality is for all practical purposes "suspended." Even if only in the embodiment of one individual person. It is both surreal and hope inducing.

I forget where (a Nat Geo production?)- but I was astonished to learn that the indigenous people of the Caucasus ( of all places) refer to themselves as "Blacks," since they are darker than the lighter skinned people who have come to surround (and discriminate against) them.

Awesome story, I love to see these moments of history. I was born into a world after many of these monumental moments occurred. I am constantly inspired when I see these stories or meet these people. Recently we had a couple of older African Americans from the C'ville area that came to speak at Ivy Creek Foundation about the family that lived at River View Farm now Ivy Creek Natural Area. The values they have on education and elevating themselves in society is incredible to me as we take these things for granted nowadays.

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