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17 September 2012


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Thank you for illuminating what I found to be an overwhelming show for many of the reasons that you discussed. If this wonderfully perceptive, very well detailed and illuminating piece is just " a series of notes to myself" then the review itself would be formidably brilliant piece of writing.

This is a comprehensive review of what appears to be a photography show of almost overwhelming proportions. I'm glad that you were able to see it, even if briefly.

The final photograph in this post ("Stand by Your Leaders") fascinates me because of the single white face of the child. Do you know the backstory on this?


I don't know who the white boy is, but I can make an educated guess.

Among the accused at the Treason Trial were several whites, all members of the South African Communist Party, which was an ally of the African National Congress. The boy is likely to be related to one of the accused whites or from a family that supported the accused whites.

There's quite a bit of writing about South Africa's "red diaper babies." I'd suggest Gillian Slovo's memoir, "Every Secret Thing," or Nadine Gordimer's novel, "Burger's Daughter."

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