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03 September 2012


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That Louie-cheeked trumpet player with beverage in hand is AMAZING!

Great post.

I had a nice time, i had only seen these things like that on tv.But it was real nice & fun to be involved with differant folks working toward the same cause,"Life"I enjoyed watching the looks on the childrens faces, plus this was history made,i'm not from here,but it great that i am here now to witness new history as it emerges into Charlottesville,va. A new change is needed so that all of us is on 1 accord......Thanks Rebirth & all that participated in this wonderful event, Thanks Jefferson School staff, We Love U Guys,lookin forward to the opening of the center,can't wait....I'm a Westhaven Resident & volunteer with the City of Promise.Thank U Mr.John Mason, for making sure history was seen, by your great photographing of the event.

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