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25 September 2012


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While many continue to (rightfully) ask how professional photographers will continue to exist and earn in this new digital era, I'm surprised how rarely the other shoe gets dropped- that is, how will the digital realm ultimately affect the hallowed halls of the photographic art world? It seems that although the internet serves as an excellent introductory medium for new work and new photographers, you still haven't officially arrived until you have your (very large) prints hanging on the (name) gallery wall. And that final step in the process is still a very expensive one- one that hasn't changed since the late '70s.

Will high resolution monitors one day effectively compete with prints (I hope not), will digital printing technology one day become economical enough to further democratize and complete the digital realm, or will the internet remain the business card of the famous and the minor leagues of wannabe image makers?

Photography really changes everything because in photography everything that is hidden is exposed, everything that is not seen is captured. It is a form of art which shows how the reality is going, and as a photographer, photography is the exact meaning of freedom.

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