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30 January 2013


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These images are not being read as a critique of western attitudes towards Africa. Everywhere I have seen them reproduced they have been presented as "cheeky" (in the UK's biggest selling newspaper) or "humorous" or else left unexamined.

Isn't the lived truth that that is what they are?

A school teacher with a crazy dream would not be taken and used as an emblem of his continent if he were born in Europe. He would be seen as... a crazy dreamer. I look at Nkoloso and I don't see the hook on which to hang the prejudices of white people towards black people.

Pushed further, if I see a woman struggling to park I don't think it would serve as a scenario to comment on issues of sexism. That that would occur to me makes ME the sexist.

John, your reading of this is hopelessly naive. I bet Cristina had real fun coming up with ideas of how to show the funny black people. But then, she's never been called a "nigger".

To make matters worse, she's being royally feted - nominated for the £30,000 Deutsche Boerse for example. Just try sending white people up as a black artist and see how much funding you attract and prizes you win...

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