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30 April 2013


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Great piece John.

Goldblatt is a truly gifted photographer well-deserving of the accolades. Your comparison with Nadine Gordimer is wholly appropriate, a writer whose work shaped my understanding of apartheid South Africa.

In fact I came to Goldblatt's work after reading my way through many works by Nadine Gordimer (that had been recommended to me by a writer friend who knew her) since I was a youth exploring apartheid South Africa in the 70's.

I was only seventeen, and naive and Gordimer's writing made visible the undercurrents I was aware of rippling through SA society, as iron filings give form to magnetic fields, powerful yet invisible, always exerting their unseen force one way or another.

Goldblatt's images, like Gordimer's words, reveal these 'polar opposites' in the most remarkable way.

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