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24 April 2013


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No comments? None?! That shows the blissful ignorance and ego inhabiting photography on these shores and the rest of the western world. Enough people enjoy your commentary and writing that this should have elicited some response, good or bad. Have you moderated any comments?

This kind of thing is VITAL, in all senses of the word and needs to be seen. Whether one agrees with the sentiments in the post or in the program a contrasting view must be seen. We can only advance in any area; science, arts, politics etc. by seeing the other arguments, documents and evidence, and critically analyzing them. Not by submitting to homogenization or a single viewpoint. Evolution works through variety, not singularity.

I had bookmarked this post to read and watch for a while, I'm sorry I'm only getting to it now. But as I said, this voice, the one coming from within Africa and nuanced by the multitude of people there, is a vital one to be heard. Thanks for sharing John.

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