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23 May 2013


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wonderful photos and the film is great. what a humble, humane photographer

Ciara, you're so right. He must have beeen the sort of person you'd want to have as a friend.

Yes, John, Wayne Miller has inspired a generation of photographers with his very personal approach to documentary. I am thinking of the book that inspired me most when I was a teenager becoming entranced with photography. It was Miller's 'The World is Young' in which he set himself the task of documenting his own family; to great depth, and with unprecedented intimacy. For me it was a revelation, and an emotional one (these were photographs that made me weep with empathy). It told me that just the act of picking up a camera every day is the means by which we can add meaning to our lives and to our descendants, and to others around us. You did not have to travel to exotic countries, get yourself shot at, or intrude on others' lives. Everything you need for great photographs is all around you, right where you are.

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